Our Policy

The company's oil trade policy

The company provides its services to its customers according to the highest standards of trust, honesty and transparency, which made it today after 15 years of existence have a great network in various countries around the world with governments and public and private companies. The company achieved great successes that resulted in continuous expansion in the specialty of refining and processing of crude oil and its derivatives and brokerage in the sale and purchase deals to our customers according to the requirements of the market and their need of those materials.
Our services have witnessed a gradual expansion during the past 15 years, ranging from the sale and purchase of crude oil and its refining at refineries and trading in oil derivatives obtained, and the transfer of these materials from sources to suppliers through its specialized marine fleet, storage of oil derivatives, preparation of vessels with operational fuel in several ports in the region and participation in drilling of oil wells in addition to commercial brokerage transactions in the sale, purchase and processing of crude oil and its derivatives.
A special trading policy has been developed for the company to suit the desires of customers on the one hand and price and market variables on the other hand in addition to having the highest values ​​in the implementation of that policy through transparency, trust and honesty.
This policy has achieved great success for the company during the past 15 years of its life and has formed an international network of relations with producers, exporters, importers and consumers without any problems in the execution due to the company's specialized teams who have the commercial, financial and legal advantage, which is the basis of success in addition to other business values.